terroir marcay

Cultivated for over 200 years near the Château de Marçay, the vine holds a major place in the history of the village.

Ideally oriented north-south, the vineyards of Marçay are planted on a unique terroir. Under 30 cm of clay-limestone, a very white and friable tufa allows the vine to find in depth the water and all the elements necessary for its good nutrition.

The 6 hectares of Marçay vineyards also benefit from a unique microclimate. Located between the plateau of Haut Poitou in the south and the Loire and Vienne in the north, Marçay is naturally protected by the reliefs that surround it. Only winemakers present on this soil, Pascal and Mathieu Avril have made their favorite land. Mixing observation of Biodiversity, meticulous work of the vine according to its needs, carrying out tests of new farming techniques such as market gardening and animal traction in the vineyard, it is with great pleasure and a certain pride that we like to show to the curious the qualities and the beauty of the Terroir de Marçay.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération