In the vineyards

Everything starts in the vineyard. Because you can only make good wine with good grapes. As a result, our cultural practices are essential, taking into account all the elements making up each parcel.

At the Domaine de Touraine, we are looking for the natural balance of our vines. We are convinced that many pathogens are only a reflection of an imbalance in the agrosystem. This is why we prefer observation to the systematic fight against diseases and pests. We promote abundance of biodiversity and work every day to establish a stable ecosystem and better understand the role of each species present in our vineyards. In our opinion, the more the natural environment will be rich in flora and fauna, the more the vine will find its balance.

The grassing between the rows with the spontaneous local flora is put in place in all of our parcels. It makes it possible to control the vigor of the vines, to avoid soil erosion and to bring a diversified plant habitat to the fauna. This reconciliation with the natural balance has allowed us for 20 years to completely abandon the use of insecticides and significantly reduce our interventions related to diseases.

The maintenance operations are carried out thanks to a careful and meticulous manual work (size, disbudding, removal of cores). These precautions allow a better nutrition of the grapes and a good control of the yields, which ensures the typicity and the concentration of our wines. In particular, we carry out various trials in the vineyard, such as sprays of plant decoctions, extracts of algae, or silica to strengthen the immune defenses of the vine. We are also planting vegetables in the ranks and testing animal traction to rediscover the virtues of this agricultural model abandoned in recent decades. The choice of this weak mechanization implies overtime in our plots, but we can follow more closely the evolution of our vines; it guides us in our choices of intervention and informs us continuously of the particularities which compose our Earth.

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