In the cellar

A full year of work in the vineyard is completed at the wine cellar. Throughout the vinification process until bottling, we intervene very little on the wines in order to preserve their intrinsic qualities: the vinification is natural and traditional, without any addition of tannins, sugars, or any other oenological products that would mask the primary properties of our wines.

We only use the natural components of the grapes in order to keep the typicity of our wines. In fact, the alcoholic degree, acids and tannins present in each grape naturally bring to the wines their antioxidant and conservative properties.

All of our red wines are vinified in cement tanks and then aged for at least a year, either in barrels (Calcaria Terra) or in cement / stainless steel tanks for our “soft and fruity” cuvées (La Bouvellerie, Le Champ du Pin).
Unlike most white wines in the area, the fermentation of our Chenin can last more than 6 months in barrels. After that, this Chenin will be aged one more year in those same barrels, which will bring an atypical complexity to this unusual wine.

Our still and sparkling rosés are manually  harvested  in  crates then slowly pressed to extract the best juices. The fermentation will be fast while keeping a rather cold temperature in order to preserve the primary and fruity aromas of the juices. Our sparkling rosé will then be elaborated in Traditional Method and put on slats for 12 months.

Thus, the wines of the Domaine de Touraine reflect their terroir: natural and without artifices.This is the complex and passionate vocation of winemaker such as Pascal and his son, Mathieu conceive it: follow every step of the process, from the vineyard to the cellar while  accompanying the wines with delicacy and refinement to their optimum.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération